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IBM Business Connect 2014

IBM wanted as a business partner to reach their clients, a relatively unapproachable target group with both high demands and expectations, why innovative and effective communication solutions where extremely important to reach out properly.

Idea & Concept
Under the name IBM Smarter Business, a Nordic platform for IBM’s most important event over the year, created PS a content which was based on visualizing and embody IBM’s message; to be a company that helps their clients to achieve ideas and possibilities regardless department. The content consisted of a large number of different competences from IBM’s clients with keynote-presentations from leading specialists in different cutting-edge sectors.

The event had an incredibly strong breakthrough thanks to an elaborated variety of the content as well as the creative communication solutions. Inside IBM’s Smarter Business frame the target group spent 300 hours together with the trademark IBM in different media. IBM and PS were nominated as “This Year’s B2B event” at the Golden Wheel gala, year 2014.