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City of Stockholm The Stockholm Room

The exhibition (The Stockholm Room) has been designed as an information hub for all that is to be built and projected in the City of Stockholm. PS has also designed “Dialogpaviljongen” (the Dialogue Pavillion) – a mobile satellite concept.


The purpose is to involve the inhabitants of Stockholm in the planning of the city and gain acceptance for strategies and visions for the future. The exhibition will also contribute to strengthening the city’s brand and the city-dwellers’ pride in Stockholm.


More often than not, the best rhetorical move is to state the obvious and invite those who are interested to get involved, rather than just be critical. In this case, it’s obvious. We’re growing. In actual fact, Stockholm is growing very quickly; city planners must gain acceptance for continuous change and development.


The exhibition has been well-used, frequently visited and has provided the City of Stockholm with an excellent platform for informing and involving the inhabitants with regards to ongoing planning and continuous change.