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Svensk Fastighetsförmedling Kick off 2014

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, one of Sweden’s largest real estate brokers, annually arrange a kick-off for their franchise partners and realtors. In 2014, the company was sold just a month before the annual event, and a new CEO took charge, hence all plans were revisited and the event remodelled in record time.


As the basics for the annual event changed, the revised theme and planning aimed at boosting morale and creating a new sense of belonging for all 600 participants. The event was held in Åre; a winter resort in the north of Sweden.


Realtors are competitive and have are prone to marketing and communications activities. The concept was inclusive and involving in contrast to more traditional conferences, the purpose being to lay the ground for a heightened team spirit for the years to come –and introduce the new CEO to the organiation.


The evaluation surpassed all expectations and showed overwhelming proof that the event was highly appreciated. A vast majority (~ 75%) stated that the event contributed to strengthening their bond with the company and with one another. The following year saw the best-ever sales, number of objects sold and brand preference amongst consumers.