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Trygg-Hansa The correct setting

Trygg-Hansa, one of Sweden’s largest insurance companies, have been present in winter resorts since 2008 with a campaign aptly named Rätt inställning (translates as “the right attitude” and/or “the correct setting”, with regards to the skiing equipment).


As an official partner to Skistar, Trygg-Hansa’s goal is to reduce the number of accidents in the slopes. In line with the general event-concept, over 40 000 bindings have been overseen and fine-tuned – in effect reducing the number of injuries and creating a relevant and visible sponsorship activation.


The “double entendre” implies not only the conceptual angle, also with regards to safety and insurance, i.e. Trygg Hansa’s offering, often not that appealing as consumer services go. The fact that skiers were offered hands-on assistance in adjusting their bindings with safety in mind has been genuinely appreciated.


The campaign has yielded a remarkable boost in brand regard, brand consideration and brand relevance. The campaign has been covered on national TV and in other media channels.